Wyoming Scholarship

Wyoming Winner – Marie Ramier, Powell High School


My name is “Big Foot”. I’m a Canada Lynx. My mom named me that because I have really large densely furred feet that look like snowshoes that help me travel through the snow. I’m only 20 inches tall and weigh about 20 pounds, about the size of a large house cat.

We live in the forest in Northern Wyoming where deep snow and spruce(fir trees are common. I love to hang out in trees and watch for snowshoe hares, which comprise most of my diet.

We are called “The Gray Ghosts of the North” because we are elusive and evade human contact.

We are “threatened” because we are hunted for our beautiful valuable fur.

Thank you for caring about me!

Big Foot

Wyoming Finalists

Student’s Name:

Reata Hindman


Wind River High School

Student’s Name:

Sophia Rose Bove


Lander Valley High School

Student’s Name:

Elsa Freise


Buffalo High School

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