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Washington Scholarship

Washington Winner – Emily Gish, Lynden High School


My name is Grace. My mom named me that because I swim through the water with beautiful, graceful movements.

I spend most of my time in the freshwater streams and estuaries along the coast of Washington. When I get a little older I’ll be able to wander out into the beautiful open ocean.
We are endangered due to over fishing, diversion and over use of water resources, dams which alter the speed of water flows and block access to natal streams, habitat loss and developments along the rivers and streams.

Thank you for caring about me!


Washington Finalists

Student’s Name:

Isabella Finch


Kingston High School

Student’s Name:

Ashley Luty


Redmond High School

Student’s Name:

Theo Whitney


The Center School

Student’s Name:

Jessie Woldstad


Liberty High School

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