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Utah Scholarship

Utah Winner – Brooks Jones, Herriman High School


My name is Scout! I’m a Southwestern Willow Flycatcher. My dad named me that because I help him lead our family down to Mexico every August. We stay there all Winter where it’s nice and warm!

We are called Flycatchers because we catch insects while they are flying around in the air! It’s really fun and I’m really good at it! “Zoom, zoom, snatch!”

There used to be a lot more of us, but due to livestock grazing, dams, water withdrawal and urban sprawl, things have changed. More than 90% of our habitats have disappeared.

Thank you for caring about me!

Utah Finalists

Student’s Name:

Shantel Chen


Davis High

Student’s Name:

Isabella Parkinson


Clearfield High School

Student’s Name:

Dominique Ortiz


Fast Foward Charter High School

Student’s Name:

Bailey Nelson


Box Elder High School

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