Oregon Scholarship

Oregon Winner – Paris Myers, Crescent Valley High School


My name is Melody. I’m a humpback whale. My mom named me that because I sing beautiful songs while I’m playing around in the water.

I was born last Spring in the warm waters near Hawaii. We stayed there for a few months and then we swam thousands of miles to Alaska for the winter.

My dad and big brother led the way while my mom, sister and I followed close behind. You should see my dad leap out of  the water and slap the waves with his fins!

What a show-off!

My mom says that during the “whaling era” 90% of the humpback whales were eliminated.  We’re protected by law now and that makes me very happy!

Thank you for caring about me.


Oregon Finalists

Student’s Name:

Jenna John



Churchill High School

Student’s Name:

Dylan Kenney



Sandy High School

Student’s Name:

Lauren Gallison



Wilson High School

Student’s Name:

Benjamin Cahoon



Siuslaw High School

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