New Mexico Scholarship

New Mexico Winner – Raequel Alexis Suina, Farmington High School


My name is Hunter. I’m a Jaguar and I live in New Mexico. My Family and I hang out in lowland forests near lakes and rivers

We hunt deer and small mammals. I’m also an excellent swimmer and love to catch fish, marine reptiles and amphibians.

Jaguar populations declined in the 1960’s and 1970’s manily due to hunting for their beautiful coats.

Today the greatest threat to our family is from habitat erosion and destruction due to clearing of forests, but some poaching still occurs.

We are fully protected and hunting jaguars is prohibited.

Thank you for caring about me!


New Mexico Finalists

Student’s Name:

Emelia White


Los Alamos High School

Student’s Name:

Carmelita Sanchez


Mora High School

Student’s Name:

Desiree Valdez


Aztec High School

Student’s Name:

Sheymah Thabata


La Cueva High School

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