Nevada Scholarship

Nevada Winner – Alicia Hoxie, Reno High School


My name is Adagio. My mom named me that because she said that I fly with slow and graceful movements, like a ballerina in the sky!

I’m a Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly. My family and I live in the high mountain meadows west of Las Vegas, Nevada. We are dependent on plants both during larval development (larval host plants) and the adult butterfly flight period (nectar plants).

We are endangered due to fire suppression, fuel reduction and recreational development.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service designated 8 square miles up here as a “critical habitat” area and that makes us very happy!

Thank you for caring about me!


Nevada Finalists

Student’s Name:

Kandise Baird


Battle Mountain High School

Student’s Name:

Syamini Breathwaite


Pahrump Valley High School

Student’s Name:

Ashley Child


Spring Creek High School

Student’s Name:

David Delfin


Dayton High School

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