Colorado Scholarship

Colorado Winner – Aspen Shih, Rock Canyon High School


I’m a black-footed ferret. My family and I live among the short grass and prairies in Colorado. I’m called “The Lone Ranger” because and I have these black patches of fur around my eyes that kind of look like a black mask, and I roam around the prairie at night by myself.

I spend most of my time underground in an old prairie dog burrow where I sleep and hide from predators like golden eagles, great-horned owls, prairie falcons, ferruginous hawks, coyotes, American badgers, bobcats and prairie rattlesnakes.

I only go out at night and hunt for prairie dogs and I only eat one about once every three days.

The main reasons we are endangered are the loss of habitat due to prairies being converted for agricultural use, disease, and declining prairie dog populations.

Thank you for caring about me!

The Lone Ranger

Colorado Finalists

Student’s Name:

Sophie Clem


Highland High School

Student’s Name:

Kathryn Goettelman


South Park High School

Student’s Name:

Yehosef Gonzalez Lopez


Hinkley High School

Student’s Name:

Savanna Simmons


Skyline High School

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