California Scholarship

California Winner – Hannah Chang, Saratoga High School


I’m a San Joaquin kit fox.  My family and I live in the foothills of the Tehachapi Mountains in California. My friends named me “Scavenger” because I’m really good at searching for food. Sometimes I get my feet caught in discarded nets, but my friends help me get free.

We usually eat insects, rodents and rabbits, but we’ll take advantage of whatever’s available, including garbage and pet food.

Agricultural, urban and industrial development in the valley- including oil and gas development – has led to extensive and continuing loss of our native habitat.

Besides habitat loss, we are threatened by pesticides. A recent decision by the federal government to limit use of these poisons outdoors may help keep us safe!

Thank you for caring about me!


California Finalists

Student’s Name:

Cecilia Montoya


A.B. Miller

Student’s Name:

Marcela Vidales


Southwest High School

Student’s Name:

Christina Wang


Mission San Jose High School

Student’s Name:

Christina Wu


Aragon High School

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